Great day for Spain today. The 'mocion de censura' to the current president of Spain of the party PP or 'Partido Popular' Rajoy Mariano, is no longer so popular with the majority of parties and is put aside. Pedro Sánchez of the PSOE party is most likely in power. Rajoy was not present in the room today. He was brilliantly defended and glorified by one of his fellow party enjoyed and that was received by a thunderous applause at the PP of course. After his plea, Pedro Sánchez spoke back to the new candidate for the presidency and asked if you were so great why no one wants to work with you in this room. PP was accused and the persons involved were convicted of this corruption party. The case of 'Gürtel' and yet another corruption scandal in the PP group gave rise to a 'mocion de censura' or deposition of the current ruling president. Has previously been tried by the new and smaller party Podemos in the room but could not count on enough support from the other parties. What in this case succeeded with the inserted 'mocion de censura' from party PSOE. So in any case a lot is going to change in Spain, I will keep you informed about new facts as much as possible.