Renting of property in the Canary Islands

The Canarian Government has unveiled its revised Vivienda Vacacional Decree, which is a complete ban on private holiday rentals of houses in areas designated as tourist or mixed tourist-residential.
The Minister of Tourism of the Canarian Government, Isaac Castellano, said this morning in the presentation that Cabildos and Ayuntamientos could make exceptions to the ban under the decree. All island or municipal authorities who deem it right will be able to develop their own planning and define implementing standards, but in accordance with the provisions of the decree and the legislation on tourism in general. In this way, the government clearly hopes to undermine any argument that it is unfairly rigid in favor of the hotel industry. The validity of each case must be determined separately to see if an exception is made by an island or the local municipality, but Turismo says that the measures reflect the fact that those demand from those who wish private holiday rentals are not equal or equally developed on all islands or even all municipalities, so the solution must be flexible and this can only be achieved by allowing Ayuntamientos and Cabildos to share the planning decisions. Novelties in the redraft include a limit of properties per owner to qualify for the VV scheme: if three or more properties are involved, the owner is considered a tourism intermediary and therefore does not qualify as a private owner . It also establishes minimum requirements and standards (eg that owners can be located at any time - 24 hours a day by telephone - by their tourists and the community in which the property is located), as well as a requirement for owners to enter into collective bargaining agreements by employees in the tourism sector. In the field of advertising, the channels through which a lease is traded must be held responsible for accuracy and veracity and the registration number of the accommodation in the general tourist register of the Canary Islands must be included in all advertisements. Advertising channels will also be needed to collaborate with government agencies and must immediately withdraw ads if the Canarian authorities inform them that they are in an unlawful situation.